Emirates brings NFT

Emirates Airlines plans to launch NFTs and also enter the metaverse market.

  • Emirates airline has announced that it will launch NFT collections as well as enter the metaverse
  • Emirates is also seeking individuals to work on its Web 3.0 projects and is engaged in partnerships
  • The airline already offered virtual reality (VR) experiences to its customers.

Emirates, the largest airline and one of the two flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates or the United Arab Emirates, has confirmed that it will launch a new NFT collection and enter the metaverse industry by launching fun experiences in the metaverse for all its customers and employees.

Emirates brings NFT and metaverse experiences.

According to the official release on the Emirates website, the airline is set to “create iconic brand experiences in the metaverse” and offer NFTs that will have collectible value and be based on utility. The website’s official statement also added:

Emirates also announced that its Emirates Pavilion at the Expo 2020 site would be redeveloped into an innovation hub, bringing together talent from around the world to bring the airline’s plans to life, including those related to the metaverse, NFTs and Web3.

On the other hand, Emirates is also actively recruiting people for its Web 3.0 projects and engaging in partnerships. The airline’s flagship aircraft, the A380, and the Boeing 777-300ER Gamechanger have already offered their customers virtual reality or VR experiences. Last year, the company successfully launched its own “app VR on the Oculus store, providing users accurate and realistic experiences. -size and interactive cabin interior experiences.”

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President and CEO of the Emirates Airline and Group, said in his statement:

“We are excited about the opportunities in the digital space of the future and are committing a significant investment in financial and resource terms, to develop products and services using advanced technologies that will drive revenue, brand experience and business efficiencies. “

Crypto adoption in the UAE

The UAE has become a global hub for crypto businesses, including startups and exchanges like recently Binance, the largest crypto exchange globally, and FTX, another crypto exchange, has planned its expansion. On the other hand, The UAE has also launched its NFT collection to celebrate the 50th national holiday.






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