Hooked Protocol (HOOK) Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030: Will HOOK reach 100USD? - Crypto Bulls Club

Hooked Protocol (HOOK) Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030: Will HOOK reach 100USD? – Kripteu Magazine

HOOK tokens were listed on Binance on December 2, 2022 and since then there has been a lot of open interest in HOOK tokens. Investors want to know if it will be a profitable decision to buy HOOK tokens this month?

Our Hooked Protocol Price Predictions suggest that HOOK could peak at $10 in 2022, $28.08 in 2023, $6.47 in 2024, and $21.93 in 2025.

In this article, we will dive deeper into discussions about HOOK’s price predictions, how to buy the token, what the project does, and whether the project has a future.

HOOK Price Prediction

What is the hooked protocol?

Hooked Protocol is a Web3 protocol backed by Sequoia and Binance that plans to change the way we learn Web 3.0. He also created a Quiz-based app that pays you to learn – Wildcash. The application already has more than 3 million downloads on the Appstore. If you want to earn while learning, I highly suggest downloading the app.

You can get up to 30,000 uHGT tokens for free if you sign up using my link: Click here to download Wild Cash.

Hooked Protocol Tokenomics and cost-performance

Hook is currently trading at $2.45 and is ranked #225 by total market capitalization. If we look at tokenomics, we can see that HOOK tokens have 50,000,000 circulating supply and its current market cap is $140,695,308.

The maximum number of HOOK tokens that will be created is 500,000,000. The supply of HOOK tokens is fixed and is meant to be deflationary in nature, which means that the total number of HOOK tokens that will be available in the future is expected to continue to decrease.

Following the analysis of HOOK’s technical indicators, we anticipate that a minor correction could occur over the next few days.

Hook token structure

The Hooked protocol has mainly 3 tokens:

  2. HGT
  3. uHGT

Structure of the hooks

The HOOK token is the governance token, representing the Hooked protocol and is now listed on Binance. As Hooked Application Rollup will be implemented in the future, HOOK tokens will be used to pay gas fees. There will be many more Dapps built inside the Hooked ecosystem, and all of these dApps will also use HOOK as a gas for all on-chain activities. HOOK token holders will also be incentivized to hold the tokens in order to obtain valuable limited-edition NFTs in the future.

HOOK Private Sale
20% chips
Binance Launchpad Promotion
5% chips
25% chips
Ecosystem / Treasury
30% chips
20% chips

HOOK tokens will be issued as follows:

Hook Token IssuanceAll Hook tokens are expected to be released by December 2029.

HGT Tokenomics

HGT is the in-app learning token which is used to incentivize app users and currently does not trade anywhere. HGT will have an unlimited token supply. Tokens will be constantly minted and spent in order to incentivize app users.

uHGT is derived from HGT to maintain price algorithmically to avoid sudden pump and dump in tokens like other games to win patterns. In the Wild Cash app, you earn uHGT, which can be exchanged for BUSD.

$HOOK Price Prediction December 2022

HOOK in December 2022 is expected to touch $10 by the end of 2022. The token recently listed on Binance and initial demand could see the token trade in double digits before the end of the year. The average trading price would be $6.87.

commercial hook

Hook Protocol Price Prediction in 2023

After a stunning start, Hook is expected to continue its bull run in 2023. According to HOOK token price prediction, the maximum price of the HOOK token in 2023 will be $28.08. In the worst bear market scenario, the Hook Protocol could trade as low as $2.65 by the end of December 2023.

The average trading price for HOOK tokens is expected to be $15.37.

2023 could be one of the worst years, where we could see a lot of profit bookings and therefore, most of the time, stay bearish.

Warning: HOOK could lose more than 90% of its value in 2023.

When Maximum price Minimum price
January 2023 13 11,818
February 2023 15.6 14.182
March 2023 28.08 25.527
April 2023 23.4 21.273
May 2023 18.72 17.018
June 2023 14.512 13.192
July 2023 11,249 10.227
August 2023 8.035 7.305
September 2023 7.653 6.957
October 2023 5.102 4.638
November 2023 3.644 3.313
December 2023 2.915 2.65

What is the HOOK price prediction for January 2023?

The Hook token in January 2023 is expected to trade between $11.818 and $13.

What is the HOOK price prediction for February 2023?

The Hook token’s maximum and minimum price prediction for February 2023 is $15.6 and $14.182

What is the HOOK token price prediction for March 2023?

March is expected to be the best month of 2023 for HOOK holders. The highest Hook price prediction for March 2023 is $28.08, while the lowest price could be $25.527.

What is the HOOK token price prediction for April 2023?

HOOK in April 2023 could trade between $23.4 and $21.273.

What is the HOOK token price prediction for May 2023?

HOOK’s maximum price prediction for May 2023: 18.72 while HOOK’s minimum price prediction is $17.018.

What is the price of CROCHET scheduled for June 2023?

June like May could be a bearish month for HOOK holders. The token is expected to trade between $14.512 and $13.192.

Hook Protocol Price Prediction in 2024

HOOK is expected to trade between $2.677 and $6.473. After a bearish year, HOOK should find support around 2.516USD and bounce from there. The last 9 months should be BULLISH for HOOK.

When Maximum price Minimum price
January 2024 2.945 2.677
February 2024 2.859 2.599
March 2024 2.587 2.079
April 2024 2.516 2.287
May 2024 3.019 2.745
June 2024 3.623 3.294
July 2024 3.804 3.458
August 2024 4.184 3.804
September 2024 3.985 3.623
October 2024 4.583 4.166
November 2024 5.179 4.708
December 2024 6.473 5.885

Hook Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum price Minimum price
January 2025 7.444 6.768
February 2025 7.836 7.124
March 2025 9.012 8.192
April 2025 10.093 9.175
May 2025 11.874 10.795
June 2025 14.249 12.954
July 2025 12:39 11.264
August 2025 13.927 12.661
September 2025 16.016 14.56
October 2025 13.927 12,661
November 2025 17.269 15,699
December 2025 21.932 19.938

2025 could be the year of $ HOOK token holders.

hook protocol price predictions for 2025 suggest that HOOK tokens could reach a maximum price of $21.932 in 2025. The minimum price at which HOOK could trade, if things go wrong, is $6.768. The average trading price of Hook tokens in 2025 is expected to be $14.25.

Hook Protocol Price Prediction from 2026 to 2030

2026 43.864 13.535
2027 30.1 9.024
2028 35.091 10.828
2029 52.637 16.242
2030 89.482 27.612

From 2026 to 2030, HOOK’s potential is expected to show mixed growth. However, overall over these 5 years, the price of the token is expected to increase by more than 650%. Our HOOK cryptocurrency price forecast predicts that in 2030, the HOOK price could reach an ATH price of $89.482, and the min. the price could be 27,612 USD.

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Can HOOK reach 100 USD?

According to our predictions, it may not be possible for HOOK to reach USD 100 before 2030. However, if HOOK continues to move higher, it may have a very strong chance of crossing USD 100 by 2032.

Can $HOOK reach 50 USD?

Yes, $HOOK has the potential to reach 50USD by 2029.

What is the HOOK price prediction for 2025?

2025 looks optimistic for Hooked Protocol. HOOK price prediction for 2025 suggests it could trade between 6,768USD to 27,612USD.

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