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We resume the IMMERSION in Market Making that we began in December on liquidity pool strategies. This immersion consists of 4 sessions directed by Jesús Pérez. All the information of this immersion can be found in Academy if you are a Digital member https://academy.cryptoplaza.es/courses/inmersion-market-making/

In the sessions we will be able to see the results of strategies carried out since 2019 in Uniswap. The objective is to be able to delve into the opportunities offered by this new type of return for the management of Crypto Assets.

  • Introduction to Market Making December 13 (Done)
  • Attribution of returns in Liquidity Pools January 10
  • Return Strategies in Liquidity Pools January 17
  • Use of Leverage in Liquidity Pools January 24

Within the CASHFLOW group that is carried out periodically on Mondays, some specific strategies have been seen, but in this immersion the entire state of the art of this type of strategy is seen in detail.

These sessions are PRIVATE only for the Kripteu Magazine community. If you want to attend, you can register as a member from the web, in the MEMBERSHIPS section.







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