Management Ranking 2023 | Kripteu Magazine

In order to give a vision of the best investment offer in different types of assets, Kripteu Magazine launches an initiative that will be called Ranking Gestión 2023 where we can compare a selection of funds and strategies in which you can invest. If you are a digital member you will be able to access a detailed analysis of all these products.

In order to make a first selection, the criteria has been the following

  • Funds most contracted in our country by the main financial entities, BBVA, Santander and Caixabank. The criterion has been to select the funds with more capital. Most of them serve a moderate profile
  • Funds of the most recognized managers in our country. We have selected Cobas (Parames), AZValor (Fernando Bernad, Alvaro Guzman), Okavango (Iturriaga) and GVC Gaesco (Jaume Puig)
  • Algorithmic Strategies, In this selection we have included Finizens, one of the most awarded RoboAdvisors, and Sersan Sistemas, one of the most successful algorithmic strategies.
  • Crypto Asset Strategies, In this section we include Roble Venture Capital, which has a 4-year track record in crypto asset management.

We start with profitability in 2023, and we will take the opportunity to obtain all kinds of statistics of all these assets during the last 5 years that can give visibility to the characteristics of these different investments.






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