Meta Pool Launches First NEAR-Based Bond Market | Kripteu Magazine

The Liquid Staking service, Meta Pool, today announced the launch of Meta Bonds, a secondary bond market based on the IOUs generated from the projects that have been part of the Meta Yield Launchpad. The platform provides the designs of the projects in Web3, as well as those who supported the projects, with two types of bonuses that allow them to recover liquidity.

Meta Bonds is a new DeFi (Decentralized Finance) instrument that works on the NEAR protocol and allows tokens to be “locked” inside a bond, similar to how an NFT works. The idea of ​​Meta Bonds is similar to that of a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens), with the difference that these do not require permissions and work ‘on-chain’. Those who seek to buy bonds may have access to two types of them:

  1. NEAR bonds, which represent the blocked NEAR of those who supported a project.
  2. Token bonds, which represent the tokens of projects like Pembrock, which sought funding through the Meta Yield Launchpad platform.

Both types of bonds have a blocking period and once this is fulfilled, the nominal value of the same is delivered to the owner of the tokens. The advantage offered to bond buyers is that they can access discounts from the nominal value, being sure that the issuer will not cancel the transaction, since the tokens are locked in the bonds.

The objective of Meta Bonds is to generate liquidity for those who are part of the Meta Yield Launchpad, offering greater flexibility both to Web3 projects and to those who decide to support them through the platform. For more information, please contact Meta Pool.

For more information, please contact Meta Pool.






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